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  • WZGM does not discriminate for any reason when conducting its contests.

  • Contests on WZGM are open to all individuals 18 years or older who are able to do what is required to be involved (for example: calling the on-air number to answer a question).

  • Contests administered by WZGM can be entered by following instructions given at the time of administration. This may include, but is not limited to, calling with a trivia answer or sharing a comment on-air.

  • Contest entry deadlines vary by contest. The time and procedure for selecting winners vary by contest.

  • Information on whether or not prizes can be won and the nature of such prizes will be shared at the time contests are administered. WZGM will conduct valuation of such prizes if necessary and appropriate.

  • You agree that any information provided to WZGM including, but not limited to, your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address may be used to market the products of WZGM or anyone it chooses to you. You may “opt-out” of such marketing by contacting WZGM and stating that you wish to be excluded from these promotions. This applies to information provided at any point including, but not limited to, before, during, or after a contest.

  • Individuals who have won a contest will not be eligible to win another contest for a period of thirty (30) days.

  • Anyone calling into WZGM, including contestants, agrees that their voice may be recorded and used on-air in future broadcasting by WZGM without compensation.

  • Contestants agree that by entering, their name, likeness, and voice may be used by WZGM at any point, for any reason, and for any period of time in the future without compensation.

  • Contestants and prizewinners agree that their names may be used on-line by WZGM including (but not limited to) the station’s website, Facebook Page, and Twitter Page.

  • WAME will not be responsible for technical and or human error that may occur (by either staff or the contestant) when administering contests on-air even if they affect your entry to the contest.

  • Individuals who are employed by WZGM, and its affiliates, advertising agencies, their affiliates, representatives, employees of other media outlets including, but not limited to, competing radio stations, television stations and newspapers, contest sponsors and their households and employees are ineligible to win.

  • WZGM reserves the right to cancel a contest already in progress for any reason whatsoever.

  • All prizes that are won by individuals are given to the winner as-is. There are no warranties, etc. If you are unable to use/redeem your prize for any reason, there will be no refund/alternate prize awarded by WZGM. WZGM is not responsible, nor will it provide a re-fund/alternate prize, if a source (such as a business) from which a prize comes goes out of business, operation, or is in some other way unable to provide the prize before the prize can be renewed, obtained, etc.

  • The winner is responsible for paying all applicable taxes on prizes won (whether through a single contest or multiple contests throughout the course of a year). If the need arises, WZGM will provide appropriate tax paperwork.

  • Unless otherwise specified, individuals may only enter into a contest one (1) time.

  • Contests conducted by WZGM are void where prohibited.

  • No purchase is required to enter contests conducted by WZGM.

  • Additional rules may apply for specific contests.


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